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In working with hundreds of small businesses over the years, I’ve seen a common trend of communication breakdown with both their internal clients (staff) and external clients (customers, vendors, etc.)

At WINNOVATE we always strive to help our customers define their key frustrations and document solutions, not just in words, but in illustrated process flows.  Illustrating a solution visually is infinitely more powerful than just discussing it or even writing it down and allows humans to better connect the dots. This is because illustrated visualization helps our minds to see the issues surrounding a solution more three dimensionally.  We interact with our world using our five senses, but the sense of vision activates the most receptors in our brain for interpreting our surroundings.  Therefore, we are able to better understand complex, multi-step processes in illustrated visual form.

Working with an objective third party that is trained in the use of illustrated visualization to refine systems thinking dramatically improves clarity for all involved in a business and rapidly enhances synergies among teams. At WINNOVATE, this is what we do as part of our digital marketing and technology integration engagements with every customer.

What is a key frustration in your business that could benefit from being visually illustrated?