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Game of Busiiness

What is Customer Centric Marketing?

This will be the first in a series of posts dedicated to the concept of “Customer Centric Marketing” and how businesses can use it to win in the online marketplace. Customer Centric Marketing  is the process of crafting ALL marketing messages to address your “Ideal Customers” from their point of view, looking back at you. This is the old, “Try walking…

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The Power of Systems Thinking

View on TED Website | Learn More About Tom Wujec In working with hundreds of small businesses over the years, I’ve seen a common trend of communication breakdown with both their internal clients (staff) and external clients (customers, vendors, etc.) At WINNOVATE we always strive to help our customers define their key frustrations and document solutions, not just in words,…

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Why You Need a Password Manager

We deal with a wide array of businesses and have observed that most all of them struggle with managing the security of their data. You may have noticed the dramatic increase in the number of large scale security attacks and data breaches since 2013.  You’re probably also hearing that you need to change your passwords to…

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Career Advice | Steve Jobs Revisited

A friend reached out to me recently for career advice. Me being asked for career advice, in itself, is humorous That request connected the dots in my head to Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech. In preparation for my response to my friend, I re-watched Steve’s speech.  I have nothing else to add…

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