Recent projects we've delivered and results they achieved for our clients.

University Chiropractic Center

This was a complete website redesign project. It was important to the client to drive more phone calls and online appointment requests. We optimized the new design for "mobile first" viewing with easily clickable "thumb friendly" call and appointment buttons.

Kinney Billiards

This was a complete website redesign project. This client is a local dealer for various billiard related products such as pool tables. They wanted their website to display the broad range of products they carry in addition to their showroom stock with the intent to convert website visitors to in-store visitors.

Andy B's Entertainment Centers

This was a complete website redesign project for a chain of 11 different entertainment centers, each with their own individual location website. We developed a custom theme to maintain consistent branding across all location websites. The client wanted to impart the fun atmosphere of their entertainment centers as well as to allow their internal marketing team to manage all content updates on the sites. We developed logic based party booking forms that drove more online party bookings while making sure the appropriate information was collected depending on the party type. Online bookings skyrocketed after we launched the new websites.

Wireless Trendz

This was a complete website redesign project. It was important to this client to drive website visitors to their physical stores. We tuned the website to drive visitors to submit online requests for repair quotes.  We believe that good interactions lead to better conversions. So, we developed a logic based quote form that collects the appropriate information based on the type of quote needed. After the new website launched, quote requests jumped from 2 - 3 a week to 10 - 15 per day. The client estimates that over 35% of the website quote requests convert to new sales at their physical locations which have generated significant additional revenues.

The Center for Plastic Surgery

This was a complete website redesign project. It was important to this client to increase the comfort level of potential customers by humanizing the doctors and staff as well as providing many before and after photos to build rapport. As with other websites, We developed a logic based form designed to guide visitors to open up about what they were interested in as they submit requests for consultations. This significantly warmed up the opportunity for website visitors to convert into actual customers.  It also allowed for a better experience when the office staff followed up to schedule the consultation.

Ozark Fire Protection District

This was a complete website redesign project. It was important to this client for their new website to be a better resource to their community while also streamlining the employee recruiting and vendor bidding processes.   We also designed the website to drive visitors to their Facebook page and Twitter feed for real-time updates. As with all the rest of these website examples, we manage all ancillary services related to the website such as hosting, email, domain name registration renewals, SSLs and DNS management.  These clients like the peace of mind of knowing they have one point of contact that handles all "their online stuff" for them.

Lifestyle Dental

This was a complete website redesign project.  It was important to this client to humanized the dentist and his staff in order to drive more new patient appointments. As with many of the other websites we've displayed here, this site uses advanced page builder tools that dramatically increase our client's ability to update and manage the content of their site without any web design expertise.

Cancer Research for the Ozarks

This was a complete website redesign project which also included custom web application development. We developed custom testimonial videos to explain the organization's mission with high impact. We also developed custom web interfaces that allowed for easy client management of hundreds of physician and cancer trial listings with no advanced technical abilities.


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